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This week our #Badgirlcrush 
is the sassy, soulful redhead musician Dominique Pruitt!

In the interview below we talk to Dominique about her music, tips to break into the industry, personal style, costumes, love for the desert, and why we chose her to be our #Badgirlcrush of the week! 

Q: You’ve got a very unique sound, it’s raw and very soulful with a sinful slice
of catchy pop that we just love! How did you go about creating your sound?
A: Awww, thank you so much for loving it! I have always loved ALL different types of music, but I feel most connected to the sounds of the 50s and 60s, and wanted to do something that gave a big nod to those inspirations, while keeping things current, too. But being an artist, you’re always changing and evolving- so we’ll see where the sound goes from here! 

Q: When did you decide you wanted to be a musician? And what / who was your muse and influenced you to follow your passion? 
A: I ALWAYS loved to sing, and came from a long line of professional musicians and singers, but I think it fully hit me when I was about 16. Like, OH. I really want to do this, and nothing else will do... Gwen Stefani was probably my first muse. The first time I saw No Doubt play was in 1996, when I was 11 years old. Right when “Just A Girl” came out and they were getting huge. I saw her rocking out with the guys, and it just blew my mind. She was an instant hero to me. Gorgeous and bad ass.  Also, around age 10 I saw the movie Cry-Baby, and that film single handedly made me fall madly in love with the 1950s. 

Q: ‘He’s Got it Bad’ and ‘Victim’ Have been on repeat in our studio and we just can’t seem to get enough, do you have any plans to release any new music, or tour? we’d love for you to come over to Australia
A: I AM creating new music! It’s a grueling process, but YES it’s happening. Slowly but surely, just pouring myself into it. I hope to tour this year a bit, and would just LOVE to get to Aus! I have been there once before and I absolutely fell in love with it. I have a lot of Australian friends too. And I loved Vegemite when I tried it- HA! 

Q: We stumbled across your cover of Wanda Jacksons, ‘Fallin’ song, it’s an awesome track and we really dig how you made it your own, Is Wanda a big influence of yours musically – not to mention inspirational with her handmade glorious fringe outfits? 
A: Wanda is a HUGE inspiration of mine. She's a firecracker. I’ve seen her play live a bunch of times, and she tore the house down. I have her name tattooed on my neck because I love her so! And she definitely inspires me musically. I love that she has always had so much attitude & sass, and so I’ve aspired to have that in my own musical persona. I actually covered Fallin’ while taking cues from the Connie Francis version- she’s another major inspiration of mine. 
Ah of course! Connie Francis! I knew it sounded familiar, it's a killer tune!

Q: Do you have any advice you can give to an aspiring musician, tricks of the trades or a bit of a heart to heart? 
A: Follow your gut and your heart. Practice, practice, practice. Throw things out into the universe and see what comes back to you. Grow a thick skin and don’t be discouraged, because a million doors will slam in your face before one opens and lets you in. It may sound harsh, but this biz is ROUGH.  

Q: We see you divide your time between LA and the Desert, is it hard to leave Joshua Tree for the Hustle and bustle of LA?
 A: I like the balance actually. I really appreciate the quiet moments and beautiful surroundings in Joshua Tree. It’s so easy to take a step back, get re-inspired and just chill there. But when I’m done chilling, and I’m craving some great Japanese food or something, it’s easy to come home to LA! 

Q: What’s your favorite haunt in Palm Springs?
A: Oh man. I love Toucan’s- it’s a gay bar with a GREAT drag show on Sunday nights. I go whenever I’m there. The Amigo room at the Ace Hotel is always a good one too. And I have yet to go, but they recently opened a Tonga Hut Tiki bar in Palm Springs- it’s on my to do list for SURE. 

Q: Where can we find you on a Sunday afternoon? 
A: Either at my house in Joshua Tree, or just getting home from a flea market. Almost ALWAYS one of those two. 

(Dominique and her partner Ron on their wedding day, Oh lawd aren't they the most gorgeous pair!)

Q: We follow you on instagram and we love your feed, so many colourful sparkly things, fringe and sassy outfits, we love your eclectic style and were wondering if you made some of your own clothing for the stage? Or if they are modern/ vintage pieces - What inspires you and who is your biggest fashion icon? 
 Thank you again! I do try to make my outfits when I can, although I’m not the greatest seamstress. But I always want things I can’t find, so I’m like, hey! I’ll just make it! I definitely buy vintage pieces too and wear them on stage, although in the last year I’ve gotten more into an actual “costume” versus just wearing a great vintage dress. I worship the stage style of Poison Ivy Rorschach from the band The Cramps- She wears animal print leotards, fishnets, and rhinestone bikinis. The rest of my inspiration for stage outfits comes from showgirls from the 40s, 50s and 60s. I remember my grandma telling me about Gypsy Rose Lee as a kid, and being kind of enamored with showgirls. I’m constantly saving photos I find on tumblr, instagram and pinterest for more inspiration.  (Check out my tumblr- I’m obsessed with it!

Q: What does 2015 hold for you?
A: Hopefully recording and releasing said new music! And touring. And amazing stage costumes ;)

Q: The reason why we have started #Badgirlcrush is because we want to share inspiring females around the globe, is there someone in your life that inspires you or anyone you have looked up to?
A: I would say I’m inspired in general by all the ladies out there who want to lift other gals up too- I love when women are supportive of each other and help one another succeed! We are all in this together!

Amen to that lady!. Thank you again for taking the time to chat with us, we can't wait to hear and see more of you!

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