Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Mystery Girl of 1947 featuring MissVintageLady



Mystery Girl of 1947
I recently had the chance to rock my new Leopard Cigarette Pants with this amazing Mystery Girl of 1947 Tee from The Original Bad Girl. I have been a huge fan of this Company for quite sometime now & I love their Femme Fatale aesthetic. TOBG style is inspired by the BAD GIRLS of the1940s-1960s, think of Dan DeCarlo's work & Jayne Mansfield's Image, if you love those two you will love The Original Bad Girl Style. My overall aesthetic is inspired by the Femme Fatales we know & love, I am also very much influenced by Original Pin Up Artists like Gil Elvgren & the Artists who Illustrated Vintage Pulp Art Detective Comics.

 I love the 40s it's one of my favorite eras, especially for Fashion n' Vintage Beauty, Thrillers & Vintage Mystery Flicks are my go to films, so when I first saw this Tee I knew it was perfect for me! The Original Bad Girl is a Fashion Label in Australia, they Design & Screen Print their Tee Shirts Locally! 
For that Bad Girl Aesthetic I paired this Tee with my Leopard Cigarette Pants, Favorite Red Lipstick, & Vintage Gold Springolators.
x, MissVintageLady

You can find out more here: 


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